Meet Some More Friends!!

I have a few more bloggy friends to 'introduce' you to. I can really see a difference in how my drawing has evolved over the last year. I draw using a different art program now and the files are so much more crisp and clear. In between between blog designs I have drawn some more friends.

Meet Nicole, Kristen, Sarah, Maggie (with an avatar makeover), and Erica!!

I love them all!! If you would like a personalized avatar for your blog there is information in the sidebar. 

Avatar Me......Meet My New Friends

I have been drawing using a new art program and I am loving the clarity of the clip art. This week I 'avatared' (yes, spell check....I see that is not a real word, lol) four new friends. Meet Brittany, Beezy,   Valerie and Debbie Clement.