Avatar Me......Meet My New Friends

I have been drawing using a new art program and I am loving the clarity of the clip art. This week I 'avatared' (yes, spell check....I see that is not a real word, lol) four new friends. Meet Brittany, Beezy,   Valerie and Debbie Clement.

This is the amazing Debbie Clement! I just love her!! She is a WONDERFUL singer and her assemblies for children are OUTSTANDING. Debbie came to our school in May and sang for our Kindergarteners. Everyone loved her songs, spirit and energy. Guess what? She does Skype visits so you might be able to have her visit your classroom!! She is the nicest person too!! Want even bigger news? She will give be a keynote speaker at I Teach K in Las Vegas in a week! Wow, isn't that awesome? You can read her blog, just in case you don't know her....but I am sure you do....over at Rainbows Within Reach.

Beezy is a Kindergarten teacher working in Germany, You can meet her and read more about her experiences at The Beezy Teacher.

This is Brittany, isn't she so cute!!!!

One sweet Georgia Peach Valerie from Georgia Grown Kiddo's. She is just the nicest person!! Stop over and give her  visit!

Are you interested in your own avatar? I can draw you one. ) I charge $15 and the image file is yours to use anywhere you please.  I will be adding a link in the sidebar to buy one directly from my blog. But for now just email me or leave me a comment with the best way to reach you!

If you are interested in a blog design I am taking orders for mid-July.


  1. Your work is darling and yep, I would love to class up my act with one....
    Carol Henderson
    Thanks so much !!!

  2. I am so excited to see my name on your "Currently Working On" list! I can't wait! :)

  3. Nancy- you make being nice easy! You are such a blessing to me! Your art work is outstanding and your creativity is endless!
    Georgia Grown Kiddos

  4. My name is Tara not sure if I am the one on the currently working on list. I did comment that I would love an avatar of myself. I need to send a picture. My email is

  5. I'm interested!

    I clicked on Georgia Peach and the link did not work. Would you send that link, too? I'm a Georgia teacher and would love to visit her blog. :)

  6. I ordered an avatar - but the link for your email is not working. I can't send you my picture! So excited!!!!! You work is great!