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Well it's been a while since I've posted here. I have been so busy designing and making new clip art, getting ready for back to school, and doing lots of babysitting for my daughter. The avatars have become super popular and drawing them is really a lot of fun!! I've been able to incorporate some of my own art into the blog designs which is also fun for me! Here are two new designs I completed in July.

Aileen wanted a fun monster theme and I just love how this turned out! It is so bright and fun! I love the colors she wanted in her design.

Meet Some More Friends!!

I have a few more bloggy friends to 'introduce' you to. I can really see a difference in how my drawing has evolved over the last year. I draw using a different art program now and the files are so much more crisp and clear. In between between blog designs I have drawn some more friends.

Meet Nicole, Kristen, Sarah, Maggie (with an avatar makeover), and Erica!!

I love them all!! If you would like a personalized avatar for your blog there is information in the sidebar. 

Avatar Me......Meet My New Friends

I have been drawing using a new art program and I am loving the clarity of the clip art. This week I 'avatared' (yes, spell check....I see that is not a real word, lol) four new friends. Meet Brittany, Beezy,   Valerie and Debbie Clement.

Background Freebies and Fonts

I am currently working on 2 new blogs and they are nearly done. I will have before and after pictures posted soon. In the process of making the new design layouts I sometimes make things that are not exactly the color the blogger wanted. So...this week I am offering up a set of coordinating background pages as a freebie. You can get it by following the link to my 'dropbox' account.
If you like them let me know....I can add a few more that I have made. I would love for you to follow my little blog if you want to be up to date with all of the freebies!! You can also grab 3 brand new fonts that I have posted this week over on my Facebook page as a Fan Freebie.

Blog Makeovers Reveal....Free Fonts and Flower Clip Art

I am super excited to show you two new blog designs that I just finished. I love the way they both turned out. Valerie from Georgia Grown Kinders wanted a more personalized design with bright sunny colors. I drew her all the clip art used in her design.

 This is her 'BEFORE' picture:

And this is her blog now.....I love it!!

I also made a new design for Lisa from Creative Classroom. She wanted earthy colors with flowers. This is Lisa's blog 'BEFORE':

And this is her beautiful new blog!! 

Please make sure to stop by and show them both some bloggy love!!

I also drew a new avatar for my friend Maggie. She wanted her two precious bulldogs with her. It was my first time drawing a bulldog but they turned out pretty cute!!

My daughter and I have been playing around with making fonts on the I-Pad so I am offering them here to my followers only. You can grab these by following the link under the picture.

I am also offering a fan freebie on my Facebook Page. You can grab my flower clip art for FREE!!

Hope you have a GREAT week!!

What's New?

Well if you are visiting my blog then you are either lost or contemplating a new blog design. I would love to create a unique blog design for you. This is what I have been working on this week. I just finished a 'makeover' for Mary over at Sharing Kindergarten. It turned out super cute! Who knew there were so many shades of purple, lol. I love the bright colors!!

I also worked on My Classy Kids for Autumn. She wanted a ladybug theme blog.

And I LOVE the layered flowers in Lisa's new blog design. Her blog is called Creative Classroom. 

I'm sure I will be back later in the weekend to show you two more I am working on!! If you would like price information or to see a few more samples of my work you can click on the button at the top of my blog. Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!!


Are you ready for a new blog? A blog makeover?
I am venturing out into the world of blog design. Thank you for joining me on my journey!! I am a mom, grandma, clip art artist, crafter and teacher blogger. If you teach Kindergarten you can visit my Kindergarten blog over at Joy of Kindergarten.

I like creating  the layered look with a bit of 'pop'. If you like the style of the blogs I have created I would love to help you create your personalized new blog. I love to read the great blog posts and ideas, but what always catches my eye first is the blog design. I think it is a reflection of the person writing it and the design should show that a crazy I the only one who does that???

You can take a look at my most recent blog designs by visiting Heidi at Sugar Plum Kinders.  Heidi is a brand new blogger with a new personalized blog design.
I also did a blog makeover for Jeannie from Kindergarten Lifestyle.Jeannie wanted something similar to the old style but updated. I love how they both turned out!!

I will create a one-of-a-kind layout for you using your favorite colors, designs and style. As a graphic artist I can create clip art unique to your needs. Once purchased, I will not duplicate your template for anyone else, it is Uniquely Yours. 

At this point I am only creating blogs hosted by Blogger. Sorry, (I am not familiar with Wordpress.)